Ms. Buccola’s mission as a music teacher is to see the student where he or she is, and help them grow into the musician they desire to become, in a safe, respectful and supportive environment.  It is her personal belief that all people are musicians on the inside, and music itself has the power to connect people of any ethnicity, color, gender, background, religion, disability, age, educational level or walk of life.  She is passionate about helping people connect with their own inner musician and helping them develop their own voice (on the bass!), to share with the world.

Ms. Buccola draws from both traditional and newer pedagogical approaches.  Over the years it has become clear that many students are best motivated when their own goals are clarified, so some lesson time is spent on long-term goal setting, in addition to establishing measurable short-term objectives.

Performing is an essential part of musical growth, and students are strongly encouraged to participate in ensembles outside of lessons.  Studio classes, recitals, or ensembles with other students are also arranged, from time to time, providing additional growth opportunities.

Progress toward goals occurs most quickly when pedagogical methodologies are well understood and followed, so another component of lessons is some time spent working with students to empower critical thinking about and improvement of practice habits–or, teaching “how to fish”–rather than simply giving the student a “fish”.  Establishing the discipline to practice and follow through is important from the start.  Students who regularly do their practice (based upon lesson instruction) have no limit to how far they can go.  Many of Ms. Buccola’s students have gone on to pursue careers in music and/or are actively performing today.